Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival

18th Annual

2018 Festival Schedule

Official Selections:

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All Governments Lie
(Canada/2016/92min) Life and legacy of independent journalist I.F. Stone.
The Bail Trap
(USA/2017/34min) Impacts on people who can't pay their own bail.
Bending the Arc
(USA/2017/102min) Medical activists push health care as a basic human right.
Black Code
(Canada/2016/89min) Impact of internet on free speech, privacy, and activism.
(USA/2017/64min) The world of home health care.
Close Immigrant Prisons
(USA/2017/15min) Faults of private, for-profit immigrant prisons.
Equal Means Equal
(USA/2016/93min) Unflinching look at treatment of women in the US today.
500 Years: Life in Resistance
(USA/2017/108min) Popular movement against genocide in Guatemala.
Hunger Strikes: A Call to End Immigrant Detention
(USA/2017/12min) Describes the response to human rights abuses at the Federal Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington.
Kokota: The Islet of Hope
(Canada-Tanzania/2016/28min) East African islanders help each other in a changing climate.
Little Rebel
(USA/2017/10min) Inspiring story of asylee immigrant to Seattle, Washington.
Nowhere to Hide
(Norway-Sweden/2016/86min) Iraqi nurse and family try to survive warfare in Iraq.
100 Years: One Woman's Fight for Justice
(USA/2016/75min) Elouise Cobell's fight for Native Americans' mineral rights payment.
Peace is an Inside Job
(USA/2017/19min) Washington prison convict finds peace through yoga.
Quebec 4 Palestine
(Canada/2017/49min) Israel boycott, divest, and sanctions movement in Montreal, Canada.
The Return
(USA/2016/81min) Difficulties navigating society after release from prison.
Salmon Confidential
(Canada/2012/69min) Disease affecting farmed salmon in British Columbia, and the government cover-up of this information.
Sands of Silence
(USA-Spain/2016/86min) Exposé of international sexual violence/trafficking.
(USA/2017/33min) History of straws and their plastic pollution issues.
Watch Night
(USA/2017/6min) Inspirational refugee/diversity talk.
The Watershed Guardians of the Fraser River
(Canada/2017/68min) Profiles citizens working against the deterioration of British Columbia's Fraser River.
What Doesn't Kill Me
(UK/2017/81min) Domestic violence, child custody, and legal issues.
What Lies Upstream
(USA/2017/89min) Investigation of the 2014 chemical spill which contaminated Charleston, West Virginia's water supply.
When Two Worlds Collide
(USA/2016/103min) Conflict in Peru over mineral development on indigenous lands.
Yasuni Man
(USA/2016/94min) indigenous people of the Ecuadorian Amazon are threatened by the outside world.