Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival

22nd Annual

Festival History | BHRFF 2017

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(2016/USA/5min) Extols the value of difficult labor done by migrants in U.S. food production.
Chau, Beyond the Lines
(2015/USA/34min) An inspiring story of a Vietnamese boy who achieves his dream to become an artist amidst a challenging disability from Agent Orange. Academy Award Short Documentary nominee.
Chicano Legacy 40 Años
(2011/USA/30min) Celebrates Chicano history, culture, and struggle for human rights through art in San Diego and at UCSD.
Death by Design
(2016/USA/73min) Explores the global environmental and public health consequences resulting from planned obsolescence in the electronic and high tech industries.
(2016/USA/41min) The increasing global response to fossil fuels and its impact upon the climate is resistance.
Do Not Resist
(2016/USA/72min) Critiques the excessive force and militarization of police forces, with Ferguson as an example.
The Journey
(2016/USA/70min) Follows the dangerous sea journey of a Syrian refugee to safe haven in Europe.
[email protected] (local refugee aid)
Just Eat It
(2016/USA/73min) Creatively explores food waste and food rescue through a lifestyle choice / experiment of a couple in B.C.
Looking For Functional Zero
(2017/USA/56min) Examines homelessness in Bellingham within the larger context of homelessness in the United States.
National Bird
(2016/USA/72min) Three courageous whistleblowers, U.S. military veterans distraught with guilt, expose the controversial, secret use of drone warfare.
The Occupation of the American Mind
(2016/USA/86min) Aims to explain how the U.S. media shapes public opinion to favor Israel when reporting on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
Ode to Lesvos
(2016/USA/5min) An uplifting story of the humanitarian spirit of the people on the Greek Island of Lesvos in rescuing Syrians from the Aegean Sea.
Our Future
(2016/USA/4min) Optimism and a call to action for our planet's future.
(2015/USA/65min) In the aftermath of a coal mine explosion in an Appalachia community, two strong women band together to take down the coal company.
The Power of the Weak
(2015/Germany/47min) Describes the Cuban health care and educational system as experienced by Jorgito, born with cerebral palsy in 1993, during Cuba's Special Period.
Red Power Energy
(2016/USA/57min) From South Dakota to Montana, Native Americans offer thought provoking perspectives on today's controversial energy debate.
Requiem for the American Dream
(2016/USA/73min) Noam Chomsky discusses income inequality and democracy and how American idealism and the American Dream have been sacrificed.
A River Between Us
(2014/USA/90min) Examines the conflicts surrounding the Klamath River Basin and the grassroots restoration efforts leading to the landmark 2014 agreement.
Roadmap to Apartheid 
(2012/USA/95min) Delves into the complex Israeli-Palestinian issues through the framework of apartheid as experienced by South Africans in the past and Palestinians today.
Sad Happiness
(2015/USA/39min) Touches on the emotions caused when a U.S. documented child visits grandparents in Mexico when her undocumented parents cannot.
Sand Wars
(2013/USA/52min) A surprising investigation into sand, one of the most consumed and now threatened natural resources on the planet due to its high demand.
Sin Pais
(2010/USA/20min) "Without Country" bears witness to the plight of undocumented workers forcibly separated from their families.
Three to Infinity: Beyond Two Genders
(2015/USA/43min/84min) A journey into a new gender frontier that redefines gender and challenges the narrow binary of male and female identity.
BPL (43min); WWU (84min)
When I See Them, I See Us
(2016/USA/3min) Leading Black and Palestinian artists and activists affirm solidarity with each other's lives and struggles.
Women Are the Answer
(2015/Australia/91min) Women in Kerala, India recognize the need for population control in light of the climate crisis and seek solutions that respect women's rights, status, and health.